Cosmic Void EP

by Owl Coven

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Jonathan Excellent Psychedelic Metal. Very, very trippy. Beautiful sound/production quality. And two Metal masterpieces, which please the ear and bend the mind. Great music. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Wanderer of the Cosmic Void.
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Owl Coven's first EP. Two tracks of thunderous riffs and spellbiding melodies.

Copyright Owl Coven ©

Artwork by Owl Coven

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released June 2, 2017

Alexis: guitar
Clem: bass
Théo: drums
Ben: vocals

Recorded and mixed by Yohan Gérard Colavin - Birdland Studio
Mastered by Christophe KKP - Worship Studio



all rights reserved


Owl Coven Pays de la Loire, France

Sludge / Doom metal from France.

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Track Name: Wanderer of the Cosmic Void
In search for I, I travel space.
My quest for life, my thirst for sense.

Bells are ringing loud, the same song plays again.
Every dawn is the same, yet nothing here remains.
Everything's insane, nothing makes much sense.
Rituals of emptiness.

Brief nights give in to cosmic void,
onward and backward time revolves.
In dry land I stand.
Until the hourglass runs out,
I travel space, I travel time.

Bells are ringing louder,
this song like a complaint.
Every dawn is the same,
yet nothing here remains.
Is this really it?
I haven’t found myself…
And I weep in distress…

Bells are ringing louder
So loud, so loud...

I witnessed moments of bliss,
Met countless deities.
Had many nights filled with lust.
Saw corpses covered with dust.
Children and dope fiends alike,
Restless, they wish they could dream.
Track Name: Dying Mammoth
Rise, rise, godlike mankind!
Create mountains made of concrete.
Unstoppable mighty creatures;
Kings of this world,
rule over dirt.
Defile the Earth.

Grinding life through teeth of steel,
spewing smoke, shredding skin.

Work like there’s no tomorrow.

Grinding life through teeth of steel,
spewing smoke, shredding skin

Machines feed on beaten flesh,
the very same that beats its own.
They prey on the voiceless.
Fluids run until the sun comes down.

Grinding life through teeth of steel
Spewing smoke, shredding skin.

The stench of power… on and on it goes.

Modern altars built to ancient demons.
Greed grins at the face of grief.
Tyrants watch tyrants fall
with their mouth wide open.

Forget not, idols shall fall.
Their kingdoms will be forgotten.
Shrouded in nothingness
They dwell in madness.

But it won’t matter, not for long…

After oceans boiled.
After clouds caught on fire.
Ice covered empty spaces.
The albatross froze in the air.
Until an echo breaks through the land ...

And the dawn mist will glow again.